Music and media studio located in Surrey, England. Run by producer/musician Richard West.


Eightspace was formed in 2001 by British musician and record producer Richard West to provide audio and multimedia solutions for the music industry. Eightspace Studio is a recording, production and mixing facility complete with Pro Tools, a multitude of plugins and a selection of outboard.

Owner and producer Richard West works across a range of music styles including pop, rock, prog and metal. He has achieved chart success across the globe with his band Threshold and has earned an RIAA Certified Gold Disc for production work on the DragonForce album “Inhuman Rampage”.


The client list for Eightspace, and for Richard West as performer, producer, mixer or media designer, includes artists and musicians such as: Threshold, League of Lights, DragonForce, AudioPlastik, John Wetton, Power Quest, The Morning After, Arena, Transatlantic, OSI, Mercy Train, Pendragon, The Flower Kings, Caamora, Headspace, Intense, Landmarq, Resource, Damian Wilson, Clive Nolan, Peter Gee, Slamm, Obsessed With Voodoo, Euphoria, Seti, Crimson Tears, Shadowkeep and Solar.