Eightspace is the home of British musician Richard West – keyboardist, songwriter and producer for British progressive metal band Threshold, art rock duo League Of Lights and new progressive metallers Oblivion Protocol, for which he is also the front man. He has achieved chart success across the globe with Threshold and has earned an RIAA Certified Gold Disc for production work on the DragonForce album Inhuman Rampage.


Richard West’s autobiography Maybe A Writer: My Life In Threshold was published in December 2022.

Written during 2021 and 2022, Richard West’s autobiography provides the definitive account of the career of one of prog metal’s key bands, Threshold.

West also recalls his childhood on the UK’s Devon coast, writing pop music for Simon Cowell, making a din with Jimmy Page’s guitar and getting to know his wife Farrah in prison. The book additionally recounts West’s other musical adventures in League Of Lights alongside Farrah as well as other projects.

“Richard West is such a talented, versatile and prolific musician, composer and now author. This is a biography disguised as a novel – it’s an awesome read.” RUUD JOLIE (WITHIN TEMPTATION)

Maybe A Writer: My Life In Threshold is published as a ca. 200 page hardback, including 40 pages of photographs documenting West’s life and career, including some photographs exclusive to the book.

The book is available from Burning Shed (UK), The Band Wagon (USA), Amazon (UK/EU) and all good bookstores.



Oblivion Protocol is a new project formed by Richard West to record a sequel to Threshold’s concept album ‘Legends of the Shires’.

“I’m completely blown away to announce that I’ve signed a record contract with Atomic Fire Records for a new project called Oblivion Protocol”, Richard West states. “When my Threshold band mates decided not to record a sequel to the ‘Legends of the Shires’ story, I knew I wanted to stay in that world a little longer, so I wrote my own sequel called ‘The Fall of the Shires’. Joining me on the journey are guitarist Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation), bassist Simon Andersson (Darkwater) and drummer Darby Todd (Devin Townsend). Threshold’s Karl Groom has also performed a couple of great guitar solos on the album, while the vocal and keyboard duties fall to me.”

For more information visit www.oblivionprotocol.net


Eightspace Studio was formed by Richard West in 2001 to provide audio and multimedia solutions for the music industry. It is a recording, production and mixing facility complete with Pro Tools, a multitude of plugins and a selection of outboard.

Richard’s client list as a composer, performer, producer, mixer and media designer includes artists and musicians such as: Threshold, League Of Lights, Oblivion Protocol, DragonForce, AudioPlastik, John Wetton, Power Quest, The Morning After, Arena, Transatlantic, OSI, Mercy Train, Pendragon, The Flower Kings, Caamora, Headspace, Intense, Landmarq, Resource, Damian Wilson, Clive Nolan, Beyond The Labyrinth, Peter Gee, Slamm, Obsessed With Voodoo, Euphoria, Seti, Crimson Tears, Shadowkeep and Solar.